How to Pair Whiskey and Food?

Though even an occasional wine drinker would be comfortable in pairing food with wine, almost every whiskey enthusiast does not typically follow the same. The reason for this is a couple of false notions. A lot of people believe that whiskey just will not pair with food. However, you will see it is quite simple to start experimenting with the right insight.

If you are planning to buy whiskey online, here are a couple of tips you should know when pairing food with whiskey.

Tested Pairings

It might prove helpful to think about overall categories of food that might impart themselves well to particular whiskey pairings. One of the most common whiskey pairings is cheese. A lot of people have already tried this. There are a lot of textures and flavors to complement the whiskey and a lot of information is available readily.

Aside from cheese, another particularly common territory for pairings is desserts. A couple of whiskey enthusiasts believe that whiskey goes well with sweet dishes and desserts. This is particularly true if it is a peated Scotch or American rye. The underlying whiskey flavor maturation has a tendency to match the dominant flavor in the dessert and the sweetness offsets the dryness from desserts so well.

For instance, you can pair a sweet dessert, such as Tiramisu, with rye since the sweetness will balance out the hint of spice. Rye has notes of toffee, vanilla, and hazelnut that will go well. However, the spice and dryness will offer an excellent balance.

Though there are particular categories that you can choose, such as chocolate and cheese, you do not have to limit yourself as well. There is a whiskey that will improve almost every food. When choosing a pair, you should consider the food’s flavor profile and go from there.

Pairing Food and Whiskey

There are a couple of whiskey enthusiasts who argues that though there are no limitations that you have to follow, there are at least useful guides you can count on for reference. There are a couple of extremely reliable rules that can help steer any intrepid budding through the process.

Checking the characteristics of a particular whiskey is the most important place to start. You need to strive for harmony when you perform any form of pairing. Thus, you have to concentrate on the overall flavor profile of the specific whiskey and match it with food that accentuates the same flavor profiles.

Because of that, thinking about the cask type is one of the simplest methods to sort through your whiskeys, aside from considering the type of whiskey. Usually, ex-bourbon or bourbon casks will offer sweetness. This makes it best for desserts and lighter dishes.

Of course, there are also mistakes that you have to avoid. One common example is how you are serving the drink. Keep in mind that you do not always have to serve whiskey on the rocks or neat. You can also try to lower the alcohol level of the whiskey using the highball.