Our Mission

Building a World of Peace and Justice

Our Mission At Federated Church of Sycamore is simple yet speaks to the needs of both the individual and God’s world at large:

Our mission is to foster a welcoming community rooted in spiritual and theological diversity, uniting to build a world of peace and justice.”

Part of that commitment is lived out by making our church building available to many community groups. Almost every night of the week our church is host to Boy Scout (www.threefirescouncil.org) or Girl Scout troops, persons sharing stories and support in 12-step programs (www.aa-nia.org), activists working to improve the lives of local persons in need, or youngsters finding solace and help through the DeKalb County Hospices’ bereavement program for children (www.dekalbcountyhospice.org). You are invited to follow any of the above links for information on these groups.