The Story of Our Stained Glass Windows

Federated’s inspiring stained glass windows were donated by various members and families of the church when the present building was constructed in 1961. The windows in the chancel, choir loft, and nave represent twelve saints, the new and old testaments and ancient sacred music. The windows in the chapel were designed with symbols of our denominational history and the history of Federated Church.

Chancel Windows—Representing the 12 Apostles

Reaching from floor to ceiling both of the two panels contain symbols associated with the Saints. The anchor symbolizes St. Andrew’s many missionary journeys; the slender cross is the symbol for St. Philip and often includes two loaves of bread. Many of the symbols recognize the brutal martyrdom of the early saints. The open bible with a flaying knife reminds us of St. Bartholomew’s horrific death.

Among other window panels is one depicting three purses to symbolize St. Matthew, the tax collector, and for St. John, a chalice and a serpent, representing the story of an attempt to poison him. John is the only apostle who was not put to death, with the possible exception of St Jude, whose manner of death is unknown.

Choir Loft—ancient and modern symbols of music

Nave windows—these tell the story of Christ.

The Old Testament story is told on the west elevation of the nave with windows depicting the creation, Abraham, Moses and Isaiah.

Chapel Windows—Our Denominational History