Embracing an Adult Faith

Marcus Borg is one of the foremost voices in Progressive Christianity.  In this DVD series Dr. Borg invites us to learn and discuss deeper elements of our daily walk of faith.

Embracing an Adult Faith is an exciting, five-session adult formation resource for those seeking a richer understanding of issues in contemporary Christian practice and theology:  Who really was Jesus?  What is salvation?  How do we practice our faith?  How do we live in community?

Our group will gather in the chapel.  Dr Borg introduces each topic in a 10 minute video.  Then the group discusses the presented topic.  After that, there are enriching and concluding comments by Dr. Borg.

We will meet in our chapel each Tuesday from 7 to 8 PM beginning January 14th.  Here is our schedule:
January 14   -   “God”
January 21   -   “Jesus”
January 28   -   “Salvation”
February 4   -   “Practice”
February 11 -   “Community”

If you can’t come to every session, you are invited to come to some of the sessions.  Your presence will enrich us.

Pastor Dennis