Why Do Septic Tanks Fail?

It may always seem like people don’t encounter problems with septic tanks until it’s the holiday season. For some reason, the problem occurs during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or your graduation party. Why is the septic system getting all messed up when there’s a major event at home?

The theory is that the septic system gets damaged faster when there are a lot of people using it. The waste water entering the septic tank can’t flow back to the house due to polluted drainage areas. So, if the plumbing system becomes faulty, so would your septic tank.

Sometimes it’s not an entire river that springs up, but one blocked drain through the bathroom. At times, it’s nothing that a plumber with a plumbing snake or a drain router can’t handle. If it’s a problem with the septic tank, then it’s going to be much worse.

What to Do When Your Septic Tank Fails

These are some simple suggestions to prevent septic problems. For starters, you can start with regular cleaning or pumping. Remember that if the septic tank works correctly, then the septic system doesn’t have as much solid waste to process. During special events and parties, there’s a large volume of waste water in gallons going through the sinks, showers, and toilets. Multiple users will create such a stress to your septic system after some time.

For a short period of time of high-water use, the drainage area or septic mound could cause septic retention and become flooded. To correct that, fill in the septic tank with water before the event or at least one day before. This will allow you to handle a higher level of use resulting from a sudden increase in wastewater volume.

Avoid the unnecessary use of water after pumping out. This ensures that the working drains are not left unrepaired and that there is no waste in the liquid. You should make a list of items that should not be flushed into a septic tank. Make a list of those products that are okay and not safe for septic tanks and drains. Some of them can block the system’s drainage, leading to home sewage storage.

Always Prioritize Your Safety

The long-term safety usage of the septic tank and the disposal area is necessary so they will function well through any event or party held in your home. Septic systems require routine repair and pumping.

To keep the septic system functioning well, you’ll need a detailed analysis of how it works. It should be treated or checked regularly. Hire a service provider who can help you out. Ask them questions about the septic tank, along with a complete list of septic repairs that it may need.

In case of septic tank problems, you may try to install additional or temporary toilets. There’s also the possibility of hiring one or more port-a-potty toilets from local suppliers. As a long-term fix, hire the experts from Septic Tank Man to check on the status of your septic tank. They may recommend a thorough repair or reinstallation if your septic system is weak and old, which is why it is easy damaged.